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 dxh v.2 crosshair

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PostSubject: dxh v.2 crosshair   Sun Sep 12, 2010 4:03 am

- Fixed "dot" error.
- Fixed color error.
- Few minor bugs fixed.
- Now works with framework 2
*-Dot mode added 50% + performance for slow pcs!
Download now below.Hey guys.
I've been gone for a while now.. School work.
So I had a day off today and thought I should update my crosshair hack.
- Recoded in C#, much faster.
- More organized.
- No more ugly design.
- Automatic detection of game.
- Automatic detection of desktop resolution.
- Works for all resolutions.
- Can set any color.
- Can set any size, width, height.
- Unpatchable, works for any game.

* Double click the .exe.
* Tick what ever you wish.
* It is recommended not to touch the options(Yes leave them blank), but if your game resolution is different than your desktop resolution, you'll have to manually write it.
* For size changing, color or what not, go to the settings [Don't forget to click set].
* Messing with the size can **** the crosshair up, The original crosshair is 20:20:1 .
* For automatic process injection [Soldierfront only] click on the "process button".
* For ram saving (and killin a timer), tick "One Time Usage", you won't be able to use hotkeys again though.
* Off\On == F10.
* It is suppose to blink, sorry.

System requirements:
*.NET Framework 2+
* A computer and a game to play, works for any windows.
* I recommend having a mouse and a keyboard.File DXH_v2.0.exe received on 2010.01.17 19:36:05 (UTC)
Current status: finished
Result: 0/41 (0.00%)

Link: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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dxh v.2 crosshair
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